Moving shadows, where no people are present to cast them. Thrown objects from an unobserved hand. Voices whispering in the chill of night. Are unseen forces aligning in anticipation of an unprecedented coming paranormal phenomenon?

In Michigan alone, there are hundreds of paranormal groups and societies, with new ones popping up literally every week. There are those who point to the state as a virtual hotspot of spectral activity, and seeing so many ghost researchers investigating helps to fan the flames of that idea. All across the country, people are reporting ghostly sightings and strange, abnormal occurrences at an alarming rate.

The question is…why? Could all of the reported incidents be part of a bigger, much more sinister milestone?

Wendy Blackmer of the paranormal investigation group “Ghostseekers of Michigan” and Wiccan author of the book Finding Rebecca offers a possible explanation for the recent growing interest.

“I think the interest is just very high now and it’s more acceptable to be a paranormal investigator now,” she says. “So, many people that always had that interest or maybe had experiences themselves are forming their own groups to find answers.”

Blackmer also has a theory on the notion that there seem to be an unusual amount of paranormal experiences all across Michigan.

“I have heard that areas that have high limestone content tend to have an increase in paranormal activity.”

A quick look into the amount of limestone in the state reveals that Michigan is home to the largest limestone quarry in the world, a factory that has been in operation for well over a hundred years. The limestone is cultivated in the northeastern part of North Michigan along the shore of Lake Huron.

Blackmer has still another explanation for the perceived increase of supernatural happenings. “I do think that with the strange events that we have had this year with the moon and the planets that something is ‘afoot’, shall we say.”

Another local ghost hunter, Sarunas Tavcar, concurs. “The moon has been bizarrely colored lately, and so early in the year. It was blood red the other night; it was beautiful, but kind of disturbing.”

Tavcar mentions the phenomenon of the “false dawn” as another possible reason for the increase in ghostly visits. Also known as the Zodiacal Light, it’s a strange beam that can be seen before the sunrise at different points during both the spring and autumn equinox.

Whatever the cause, there seems to be no denying this sudden interest in exploring the supernatural. There might be no bigger reflection of this than on TV, where a glut of paranormal shows have crowded the airwaves, with varying degrees of success.

“There are so many, you don’t know which ones are real or fake,” says Tavcar, “But even within the ‘paranormal community’ there has been talk of why exactly so many shows are on, and why the world in general is so interested in everything paranormal. Maybe something strange really is brewing; who knows?”

Blackmer also expresses some concern over the idea of a coming paranormally related event, though with maybe a less sinister outlook.

“With all the weird astrological events that have happened this year maybe there is something big coming,” she says. “I hope it’s good.”